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Foods To Remove Or Decrease Belly Fat. Do They Exist? Popular Diets Reviewed

Is there a best diet to lose belly fat? There is a huge number of different diets today. Some of them are considered classic and proven, some are fashionable, but not less effective. But which of them are best for reducing weight? We will definitely cover it later in this article, but before doing it, I will list the main rules or pieces of advice for those who are interested in choosing a diet to reduce belly fat in order to better understand it.

diet to reduce belly fat, best diet to lose belly fat

American publicist Julia Bellaz, who calls herself the “enthusiast of evidence”, summarized the information received from more than twenty leading experts on nutrition and excess weight, added her personal experience of fighting for a slender waist and came to the conclusion that it’s mostly the old well-known methods and simple rules that do really work. But what methods and why?

          Best Diet To Lose Belly Fat Doesn’t Exist. There’s No Doubt

You don’t need to be an expert or closely follow all the news and events in the world of weight loss to understand that in this sphere, there are constantly emerging new role models. One day all people are crazy about the Dukan diet, and the next day they drink gallons of green coffee and flatly refuse from gluten. Each new dietary fashion is proclaimed as the result of “that latest and true discovery” that will lead humanity to an era of slenderness. However, it is obvious that we are still trampling in the beginning of our way.

diet to reduce belly fat, best diet to lose belly fat

American doctors conducted a study in which took part more than 300 women with a rich weight loss story: they experienced most popular diets, including low-carbohydrate, low-fat, protein. The result was surprising: it turned out that it’s possible to lose from 5 to 10 pounds in 2 months on any of the diets.

If you are really determined and willing to limit yourself to nutrition by the rules of any chosen system that you like for at least six months – you will definitely see the result. However, the most unexpected thing is that in the next 6 months of following any of the common diets, the people slightly put on weight again and the effect of diets of different types is equalized.  Simply put, it does not matter which diet you choose, meat or vegetable, the result of following it for the year will be approximately the same. It proves that there is no best diet to lose belly fat.

diet to reduce belly fat, best diet to lose belly fat

According to the researchers, you should also understand that the diet needs to be selected individually because there is no universal diet. You can’t just buy the diet to reduce belly fat in the form of a book. You should be prepared for the fact that another extremely popular diet for reducing belly fat which is being praised and promoted all over the place will not bring any benefit to you personally.

      A Diet To Reduce Belly Fat Requires Eating. You Can’t Help IT

It may sound a bit funny but the doctors say that one of the first things you need to do in order to lose weight is to eat regularly. It does not mean that you need to chew something all the time, but your stomach shouldn’t be completely empty between the meals. The easiest way to achieve the desired result is to eat more various vegetable foods that contain fiber, exclude sweet drinks and snacks stuffed with “empty calories” from processed foods because it is they that fuel the appetite.

diet to reduce belly fat, best diet to lose belly fat

Matt Fitzgerald, the author of the sensational book “Diet Cults”, has developed an even more vivid way of thinking about a better diet. He made a hierarchy of products, in which everything is obvious: the lower the product on the list, the more harmful it is to your health and the zipper on the skirt.

  • Vegetables
  • fruits
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • natural oils and fats
  • high-quality meat and seafood
  • whole grain
  • milk and derivatives
  • products from refined and ground grain
  • poor quality meat and seafood (frozen, processed, of doubtful origin)
  • sweets
  • fried food.

                        Control Is The Basis Of Any Successful Diet

The best diet to lose belly fat involves getting a predictable result, preferably in the foreseeable future. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any accidents or randomness: a diet is a job, and you need a tool for monitoring and analyzing what is happening with your body, habits, life.

The National Weight Control Registry of the United States is an initiative that brought together more than 10,000 participants who lost at least 30 pounds of weight and who managed to retain this result for a year or more and who agreed to recurring questionnaire surveys. Habits and behavioral characteristics of those lucky people are the most interesting things for statistics of such a kind.

It turned out that, in addition to remarkable results in the struggle for slenderness, several other things unite these people: for example, they all weigh themselves at least once a week, they go to the gym and exercise with various degrees of intensity, but regularly, or just walk a lot, control the size of portions they consume and hate fast food.

diet to reduce belly fat, best diet to lose belly fat

In addition, they necessarily have breakfast, but also count calories – although many specialists today suggest abandoning the mathematical practice in the diet and eating properly according to one’s intuition without calculating calories and percentages. But calories do work well as units of account, which means that it’s too early to write them off.

It’s recommended to start keeping a food diary. This may not seem like a very amusing and attractive idea, but before you start a diet, you must know exactly where you are in order to clearly understand what needs to be changed. When you keep a diary, you simply can’t forget that it’s only a healthy choice that you need to make.

           Diet To Reduce Belly Fat Requires Patience & Willpower

If someone still imagines a diet to reduce belly fat in the form of a detailed menu or a plan of losing pounds, then it’s time to think about the motivation for losing weight and a clear idea of your own capabilities and barriers. Studies have shown that people who are not “predisposed” to slimming down face difficulties even using the latest and advanced methods.

The head of the Cornell food lab, the professor Brian Wansink, says that when people ask him to suggest the best diet to lose belly fat or reduce weight in general, he has a whole bunch of counter-questions for them. And very often, it turns out that those stout people, as if want to look slimmer, but after finding out all the details of losing weight and what exactly they have to give up to achieve this, many of them are no longer so confident that they really want it.

diet to reduce belly fat, best diet to lose belly fat

Furthermore, the doctors say that it’s always necessary to find out the reason of your problem or disease before taking any action and choosing a treatment method. The reasons for excessive weight gain can be genetic or medicamentous.  The amount of overweight directly depends on the social environment and the level of education of one who needs to reduce weight, and even on people who surround him or her. Some of these barriers can be overcome relatively easily, some of them need more time and effort from you. So, as you can see, the person who wants to reduce belly fat needs to have a lot of patience.

                High Expectations Can Be Harmful In Reducing Fat

Surprisingly, it’s a fact that quite often people program themselves to fail already at the stage of choosing the best diet by either expecting instant results or choosing a food plan that definitely doesn’t fit them. Obesity specialists claim that a short-term approach to reducing weight does not work. If you want to lose weight for a wedding or a vacation, then you will not change anything in your life because pounds will not go anywhere, or they will go and come back. No one is gaining weight in two days, but it’s funny why people want to lose weight in this exact period of time.

The only stable result of all sorts of fast diets is that the weight returns to the same places. And it’s not just a pity. The worst thing is that it can be perceived as a personal failure, undermine the person’s faith, his strength and the ability to change something. On the one hand, we often demand too much from ourselves. We want to be perfect, and this is a big problem. But on the other hand, you really don’t need to possess any extraordinary skills or abilities to reduce fat.

           Common Misconceptions About A Diet to Reduce Belly Fat

Our brain is an incredible machine of self-deception. We can convince ourselves of anything. In the case of belly fat reduction, the typical misconceptions are underestimation of the nutritional value of the ration and the overestimation of the calories consumed.

In addition, we are all aware of such products as broccoli and leaf lettuce which are considered extremely useful for weight reduction. But the problem is that many people honestly believe that by accompanying a huge cheeseburger with a portion of lettuce, that lettuce or salad magically reduces the number of calories in everything that it’s being eaten with.

diet to reduce belly fat, best diet to lose belly fat

The next misconception concerns the amount of sugar in drinks, especially fruit juices, which marketers present to us as a “healthy” product. Very often people can’t understand the reason why they gain fat by regularly drinking such “healthy” and “useful” juices without realizing that a glass of this juice contains about 100 kcal.  As you can see, these people simply don’t understand that it’s not a simple drink, but a real food.

        Physical Exercises Alone Will Not Reduce Fat Without A Diet

Stop eating everything that you see, and sign up for a gym – the most frequent recommendation of well-wishers to an overweight person. However, in some cases, people who have belly fat, by starting to do exercises persistently and regularly, not lose but even gain weight because they spend a lot of energy on it. Besides that, quite often, a compensatory behavior is being formed in newly converted athletes: having worked properly in the gym, they are sure that they deserve this wonderful bun. Or maybe even two?

diet to reduce belly fat, best diet to lose belly fat

Well, of course, this does not mean that fitness is harmful or does not play any role in losing weight. Physical workload, in general, improves mood, sleep quality, immunity and much more, but scientists are sure that physical exercises are not effective or don’t work at all without a proper diet. At the same time, sport plays a much more important role in the lives of those who have already passed the stage of losing weight and are focused on its maintenance.

                Don’t Be Obsessed About Speeding Up Metabolism

“This product boosts the metabolism!” – say it, if you want to hypnotize the person who tries to reduce fat. The sellers of such miracle products who promise that you will eat a handful of powder, berries or tablets – and wake up slim, perfectly know that such allegations can greatly influence those gullible people.

It’s true that some of these supplements can affect metabolic processes and assist your weight loss, but those who claim that the use of these products or capsules is an easy and fast way to reduce belly fat exaggerate and greatly raise hopes. By the way, I have already talked about this in my article dedicated to natural fat burning pills & tablets. Moreover, speeding up the metabolism does not necessarily mean that it will help in reducing weight.

The researchers conducted studies using special tests for a metabolic rate that slim and fat people have and found out that there is no connection between them. Very often, plump people have a faster metabolism than those who are lean. If you want blood to flow faster through your veins, and fat to be burnt, the first thing you should do is to go for a walk. It not only works without a fail but also is absolutely free.

diet to reduce belly fat, best diet to lose belly fat

Many people who want to reduce their belly fat are really obsessed about setting big goals. They often strive for perfection and dream of getting rid of those several pounds that seem extremely excess and important. Experts on weight reduction unanimously say that if you can’t drive them away, despite all the efforts, then simply forget about it.

Otherwise, even when you finally defeat them, they will inevitably return back. Any weight loss means a positive change in your life. It means that it’s better not to grieve over the last couple of pounds, but to be happy with the result that you still managed to achieve.

                      The Review Of Best Diets To Lose Belly Fat

As you can see, it is extremely difficult to choose the most effective diet among the myriad of existing techniques and systems of reducing belly fat. It can be partly explained by the fact that the effectiveness of a diet is largely determined by the person’s individual characteristics. The speed of metabolism, the amount of excess weight, the hormonal background, the presence of diseases, etc., – all these factors directly affect to what extent a particular diet can be effective.

Nevertheless, there are some diets and techniques of losing fat that have gained popularity around the world, mostly because they have been recognized as effective by a large number of people. Thus, there’s really no need to reinvent the wheel here and the best thing we can do is to rely on this list.

                                   The Most Effective Mono-Diets

One of the most common and popular mono diets is a buckwheat diet. Its main principle – buckwheat groats do not need to be cooked. Just pour boiling water and insist during the night without salt and seasonings. Besides that, the amount of buckwheat eaten is not limited – you can eat as much as you want for the next day. The buckwheat diet is usually designed for a week, but you can extend it up to 2 weeks. You can reduce from 10 to 20 lbs of weight if you follow it. Very often, the buckwheat diet allows you to drink 1% fat kefir and mineral water, as well as eat some fruit.

                                      Cucumber Diet To Reduce Belly Fat

Such a diet helps to cleanse the intestines from toxins and stimulates metabolism. Moreover, the cucumber is known for its diuretic property, which means that if you follow this diet, you can get rid of both edema and excess fluid in the body. The menu of cucumber diet is quite simple: for breakfast, lunch, and dinner you should eat a salad consisting of two cucumbers, sour cream, and greens.

diet to reduce belly fat, best diet to lose belly fat

You can also add pepper or other spices (but not salt!). It’s allowed to eat a small slice of black bread. After each meal, you can drink a cup of tea or coffee. If you are hungry before going to bed, eat a boiled egg. You can be on this diet from three days to a week.

                               The Most Effective High-Protein Diet

Dukan diet is one of the most well-known diets in the world. It was developed by the French dietician Pierre Dukan and, in the course of time, his diet took an honorable place in the ranking of the most effective and “simple” diets which are close to a regular diet. The Dukan diet consists of four stages, each of them implies following certain rules.

diet to reduce belly fat, best diet to lose belly fat

Pierre Dukan

For example, you should drink at least half a gallon of water a day and eat oat bran. A light exercise and a daily walk of 20-30 minutes a day is a must. Dukan diet is referred to long diets, but at the same time, it promises that lost pounds will not return with time if proper nutrition is maintained after its completion.

                                      The Most Effective Fast Diets

A very attractive express diet nowadays is considered to be a cottage cheese and banana diet. It can be called strict, but no other fast diet can be effective without being a bit rigor. So, if you like bananas and cottage cheese, pay special attention to this diet because you will not have any problems with sticking up to it.

diet to reduce belly fat, best diet to lose belly fat

The diet can last from 4 to 8 days with alternation of banana and cottage cheese days. During the first and third day, your main product should be cottage cheese, but fruit and berries are also not ruled out. However, in the second and fourth “banana day”, you can even pamper yourself with lean meat, beans, peas, eggs and dairy products, i.e. protein food. You can also drink a glass of low-fat kefir before going to bed.

                                                            Soup Diets

Probably, you have already understood the main principle of this diet because the title speaks for itself: you should eat only soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It can be a simple vegetable soup without meat. You should drink water – at least 0.5 gallon a day during breaks between the meals. Soup diet will allow you to reduce from 5 to 10 lbs of belly fat per week. This diet is not strict, but even nutritious. You won’t have a feeling of hunger while keeping to it.

                       The Most Effective Low-Carbohydrate Diets

Low-carb diets are close to protein ones but are still different because carbohydrate rejection here is not complete, but only partial. For example, the famous Kremlin diet. The main principle of this diet is a daily calculation of consumed carbohydrates, no more than 40 units a day. The table with the amount of these units in each of the products can be found on the internet. In such a way, you can make up an appropriate diet yourself. This diet allows you to eat all protein products (meat, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy products, etc.) in unlimited amounts but excludes sweet and farinaceous foods.

                                                             French Diet

This diet is not only close to a carbohydrate diet but is a low-calorie type of nutrition. Everything sweet and salty, as well as alcohol, should be excluded from this 2-week diet. The basis of the diet – lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, eggs, rye bread, and greens. You can’t eat any other products and deviate from the menu of the French diet. It is allowed to drink mineral water and green tea without any restrictions.

       Choose Or Create Your Best Diet To Lose Belly Fat Yourself

Very likely, that for every person who is familiar with various methods of weight loss, and who constantly struggles with excess weight, the list of the best diets to reduce belly fat can be different.  After all, each person’s body has its own peculiarities and unique structure (metabolic rate, fat mass, etc.), different levels of life activity, individual eating habits, and so on. All these factors determine why one and the same diet can be extremely effective for one person, and almost useless for another.

diet to reduce belly fat, best diet to lose belly fat

The list of diets that I have mentioned here is universal. Only personal experience will allow you to create your personal rating of the most effective diets to reduce belly fat. For example, some people will like and enjoy the results of a 4-week egg diet, and others will have problems with sticking up to a short 7-day egg diet. One person can easily lose excess weight on a cottage cheese diet, and others – on a “hearty” chicken diet.

In other words, a diet is a strictly individual thing that needs to be chosen by the method of trial and error. I really hope that this article has busted a couple of most common myths about reducing weight and will definitely help you to choose the diet to reduce belly fat that will suit you. Make sure you read my other posts about fat burning pills, colon cleanse methods and other natural health supplements & remedies.

Best Natural Colon Cleanse Products. Colon Cleaner Pills.

                                An Introduction To Colon Cleansing

Instant colon cleanse at home. What methods are the best? Every man wants to remain fit and healthy at any age. Unfortunately, the number of overweight people across the world is growing every year.

I have already listed the main reasons why people gain weight and reviewed some extremely effective methods of slimming down on the example of my younger brother in my previous article about fat burning tablets and other supplements to get rid of belly fat.

In this article, we will talk about the detoxification of your body by using different natural colon cleansing methods and foods that heal the digestive system which is a slightly different thing but also inseparably connected with weight loss, mainly because of the direct correlation between the condition of your digestive system and your body in general.

foods that heal the digestive system, instant colon cleanse at home

I do want to stress that my brother did also use several of these methods in addition to those natural fat burning pills that he took and exercises that he made and what’s more, he still continues to do it because in our family, we really treat such things not as a medical treatment but just as something regular and obvious.

It has been scientifically proven that 90% of diseases originate in the large intestine filled with slags and toxins. Such an intestine is a favorable environment for the development of pathogenic microflora and the reproduction of various parasites that poison the body and cause all sorts of chronic diseases.

Obstructions in your large intestine are results of a malnutrition and not a healthy lifestyle. There have been occasions of 40 or 50-year-old people carrying up to 100 lbs of fecal stones in their colon from which 20 lbs were merely parasites infested there. As you can see, the toxins tend to accumulate for years.                       

                             The Symptoms Of Digestive Disorders

By the way, how do you know that your intestines need to be cleaned? You may need to perform a cleanse of your digestive system in case:

  • You have never done it before or it was a long time ago.
  • There are thermally processed foods or products of animal origin in your diet.
  • You live in a city.
  • You don’t do regular exercises or don’t do them at all.

             You definitely need to have regular digestive cleanse procedures in case:

  • Your daily diet includes foods that contain harmful nutritional additives.
  • Products of animal origin make up a significant part of your diet.
  • You regularly eat fatty and fried food, drink alcoholic or energy drinks.
  • You often visit different fast food restaurants.

As you can see, it comes out that most people need to clean up their bowels from time to time. And the following symptoms tell you that instant colon cleanse needs to be performed:  

  • Meteorism (abdominal bloating).
  • Unpleasant body odor.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Radiculitis.
  • Constipation.
  • Frequent colds.
  • Heavy breathing.
  • Fast fatigue and exhaustion.

          What Problems Can Arise If Neglecting Bowel Cleansing?

  • Problems with the absorptional and cleansing function of the large intestine.
  • Self-poisoning of the whole body.
  • Deposits of fecal stones.
  • Heart diseases.
  • Hampering of normal operation of the pelvic organs, kidneys, and liver.
  • A huge number of intestinal parasites.
  • Breathing problems.
  • Sick headaches.
  • The appearance of oncological diseases both in the large intestine and in other parts of the body.
  • Accelerated body aging.

foods that heal the digestive system, instant colon cleanse at home, colon cleaner pills,


This list of problems which can be prevented by a timely intestinal cleansing is not full and can be continued. Remember. It’s impossible to cleanse other organs and systems of the body without cleaning your intestines first.

There are several natural ways of flushing those toxins out of your body, avoiding chronic poisoning and stimulating the weight loss process. Most of them are extremely simple, affordable and can even be performed at home.

So listing and reviewing each of these natural colon cleansing methods, including foods that help the digestive system, is exactly what we’re going to do next in this article.           

                              Which Intestine Needs To Be Cleaned?

But first of all, let’s discuss why it’s the large intestine in particular, that needs to be cleansed, not the small one. The small intestine doesn’t need to be cleaned because the food masses move more actively in it due to peristaltic contraction of its smooth muscles.

A rapid movement of the contents of the small intestine does not allow the formation of “scale” on its walls. But in the large intestine, peristaltic activity is sharply reduced.

That’s why the speed of the masses also decreases. Moreover, there are a lot of deep folds and a few steep turns in the large intestine. It even has a section where the contents of the colon are forced to move vertically upward.

digestive system cleanse pills, foods that heal the digestive system, instant colon cleanse, best natural colon cleanse product

In addition to that, the contents of the large intestine are actively dehydrated because practically all the water consumed by us is not digested neither in the stomach, nor in the small intestine and, passing along the upper sections of the gastrointestinal tract, it kind of washes away all the “dirt” in its path and carries it into the large intestine, in the upper parts of which the main process of absorption of water into the internal environment of the body takes place.

The water is absorbed, but the “dirt” remains, being filtered out on the inner surface of the large intestine’s walls. Ok, let’s start reviewing the most popular and effective digestive cleanse methods starting from the simplest and the most affordable ones.

         The Best Natural Colon Cleanse Product? – It’s Clean Water

The first and one of the best things you can do for the health of your intestine and its cleansing is to drink plenty of water. It is extremely important to drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of pure non-carbonated water every day.

Regular consumption of water will give your body the liquid that serves as a lubricant and which is needed to fully and naturally remove harmful toxins and waste products from your body.

instant colon cleanse, natural colon cleansing methods, best colon detox pills

Generally speaking, our bodies are ultimate systems that are fully capable of independently coping with such tasks as cleansing from toxins and self-healing. We just need to help our bodies by drinking enough water. Drinking large amounts of water will also stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, helping the food to move along the digestive system.

In addition, water is needed in order to keep our bodies well hydrated. This natural colon cleansing method can be performed using both ordinary clean water or by drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

Besides that, the method of cleaning the intestines with salt water was used as far back as in ancient India and is still being recommended by various healers as an effective and reliable way of cleaning the colon.

                             Instant Colon Cleanse With Vegetables

The cleansing of your digestive system should always be performed including a large number of fresh vegetables in your diet. By eating raw vegetables rich in fiber, we facilitate the natural cleaning of the gastrointestinal tract.

foods that heal the digestive system, best colon detox pills, instant colon cleanse,

Effective cleaning requires the introduction of a large number of products in the diet, such as white cabbage and red cabbage, beets, carrots, celery, radish, cucumbers, zucchini, sweet pepper, etc. Just make sure that you eat all these products in a raw form. You can also make different salads by cutting or rubbing these foods and filling it with any vegetable oil.                          

                     Foods That Heal The Digestive System – Apples

As in the method with vegetables mentioned above, apples also contain a large amount of fiber, which affects the intestines in the same way. In addition to that, sweet-sour apples contain fruit acid, which readily dissolves slag and toxins and helps in the purification of the digestive tract. Sweet varieties of apples don’t contain this acid. Colon cleanse with apples is usually carried out in one day.

natural colon cleansing methods, foods that help digestive system, instant colon cleanse at home

All you need is 4 lbs of any sweet-sour variety of apples and water. You will need to eat apples in equal portions every 2 hours. You should also drink pure still water at the same time. You shouldn’t eat anything except apples and drinking water during the whole day. Such cleansing can be done several times a month and after this, you will soon notice its positive results.  

                           Flaxseed – Perfect Natural Colon Cleaner

Flaxseed is a good source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, and natural dietary fiber. Adding flax seeds to your diet is an excellent method of natural bowel cleansing. Flax seeds absorb water and swell in the large colon, thereby contributing to the elimination of toxins and mucus when passing through the intestine.

foods that heal the digestive system, colon detox pills, instant colon cleanse at home

Furthermore, flaxseed helps to prevent the development of cancerous tumors in the colon, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. Flax seeds can be added in a ground form in cereals, natural yogurts, kefir, fruit salads, juices and other useful products.

For an even quicker result, add one tablespoon of ground flaxseed into a glass of water and drink it 30 minutes before breakfast and right before going to bed.                 

                          Cereals Are Good At Cleansing Your Colon

One more type of food which can serve as an instant colon cleanser at home is different cereals from which porridges are being made. The cleanse occurs thanks to the nutritional fiber contained in the porridge. Such cereals as rice, pearl barley, buckwheat, and oats do also possess cleaning properties.

foods that heal the digestive system, instant colon cleanse at home

If you get used to regularly eat the cereals I’ve mentioned above, then you won’t need to use other ways of cleansing your colon too often. Some people do also use a rice diet. I do want to remind you that all the methods mentioned in this article, allow you not only to remove slags and toxins from the gastrointestinal tract but also to lose weight.          

            Foods That Help The Digestive System – Kefir & Yoghurt

Regular consumption of fresh kefir or yogurt is a good way to maintain the health of your intestines. Since these drinks are fermented (they contain useful bacteria), they do help to restore the microflora in the intestines, which assists digestion, and also creates an unfavorable environment for various pathogens and parasites that live in the intestine.

Eating natural kefir and yogurt also helps to fight inflammatory bowel diseases. Besides that, these drinks contain a significant amount of calcium which prevents the excessive growth of cells lining the large intestine.

colon cleaner, colon detox pills, instant colon cleanse at home

Kefir and various yogurts also help to get rid of stomach problems, such as dyspepsia, meteorism, irregular bowel movements and much more. Cleansing your digestive tract with kefir and yogurt can be performed by regular consumption of these products, and to strengthen their effect, it is recommended to add fresh fruits such as apples, limes and lemons, bananas and berries or ground flax seeds to these drinks.

                         Cleansing Your Digestive System With Soda

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is an acidic salt of carbonic acid, which along with the usual sea salt can be used to purify the intestines, since its intake improves intestinal peristalsis, eliminates gases, improves digestion and much more. Add 1 teaspoon baking soda in 50 ml of warm water and mix it well until completely dissolved.

colon cleaner, instant colon cleanse at home, best natural colon cleanse product

This will allow you to gently clean the colon and eliminate constipation. However, it should be noted that this method of cleansing the intestine is not suitable for everyone. People with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys and heart, should consult a doctor before using this method.        

                 Simple Instant Colon Cleanse – Activated Charcoal

One of the most effective and cheap means of cleansing your intestines at home is activated charcoal. The powerful absorptive property of activated carbon is widely known. After all, the doctors often prescribe this remedy for eliminating food poisoning, since activated charcoal can quickly absorb the poisonous substances together with the liquid present in the digestive tract.

foods that heal the digestive system, instant colon cleanse at home,

Activated carbon is capable of absorbing various toxins thousands of times greater than its own mass and withdrawing them in a natural way. Specialists recommend taking these tablets for 3-7 consecutive days several times a day.

In general, the dosage should be based on your body weight. The purification of the intestine with the help of activated charcoal is considered to be very safe, however, this method does also have some contraindications and side effects.

                          Colon Hydrotherapy – Medical Procedure

This process is sometimes called an intestinal shower. Colon hydrotherapy is quite painless. You lie on the couch for about 40-50 minutes, and the doctor injects warm water in your rectum through the tube.

The temperature of the water must be close to your body temperature. The amount of water per procedure ranges from 3 to 4 gallons. By filling the intestine, the water takes out stool and slag with the help of tubes that are connected to the centralized drain.

At the end of the procedure, patients are usually given small enemas with broths of herbs (chamomile, etc.) that have a calming effect. It’s not recommended to eat for 2 hours after the procedure. The standard course of treatment is 6-10 procedures with intervals of 5-7 days. It’s recommended to have the course done once a year.

natural colon cleansing methods, instant colon cleanse at home

The effect of the procedure is excellent because it affects not only the internal organs but often improves the appearance of the skin, hair, and nails. Although you may feel a little bit odd for a while after the procedure, as if you’re a bit “drunk”, but soon this feeling passes.

You should also know that since the intestinal microflora is being actively washed away, the incorrectly conducted procedure may end up very badly, for example, with dysbacteriosis, exacerbation of chronic hemorrhoids and even intestinal bleeding.

The correct conduct of the procedure involves “colonization” of the intestine with a normal microflora after its purification. Therefore, I advise you to do this procedure in medical clinics only. Unfortunately, the procedure can be quite expensive but you should understand that it’s one of the fastest and most effective instant colon cleansing methods available.                        

                        Cleansing Your Digestive Tract With Enema

One more way of performing a digestive system cleanse is by using an enema. I think that all people know the basics of this popular method and there’s no need to discuss it here. In general, it can be said that enema method is a simplified colon hydrotherapy with its own peculiar features.

The main difference is that hydrotherapy implies multiple infusions of water and enemas only one. Moreover, as we’ve stated before, you definitely need to have your colon hydrotherapy done in a specialized clinic only.

digestive cleanse, instant colon cleanse at home,

Enemas can be very effective and you can do it at home but you should possess some skills and theoretical knowledge for it. This method also does have a common side effect which is constipation. Discomfort and pain in the intestine are possible at the beginning of the procedure.

This is explained by the fact that a large amount of water enters the bowel filled with excrements and stretches its walls even more. But after the first cleaning, this tension will subside and the pain will pass away. Further procedures will be painless. There were cases of people losing up to 50 lbs by using this method only.

                  Using Colon Detox Pills For Cleansing The Colon

First of all, I want to say that all the methods that I’ve mentioned earlier in this article do really work and can be differently effective depending on the time and effort you put in it, physical peculiarities of your body, your other specific needs, and expectations.

In case you have already tried some of them and haven’t reached the desired result or you just don’t have enough time for all these home remedy methods (except for hydrotherapy) and search for a quick and effective solution, then my suggestion would be to try using colon detox pills.

There are many different products of that kind but in my opinion, when choosing any health-related product, the first thing that you should pay attention to, is the authority of the company that you are purchasing from. Natural health source is an old and renowned company that has a wide range of products and literally a ton of positive customer reviews.

                                 Digestive Science Instant Colon Cleanse

This great product was created to effectively clean your body from different sorts of toxins and food debris which gets stuck in our colon, accumulates and stimulates weight gain. You would be surprised to know how many pounds of this debris can stay in our body for a pretty long time. It’s up to thirty pounds actually. The reasons to that can be different: unhealthy food, stress, lack of physical activity in your everyday life and so on.

The manufacturer says that these natural colon detox pills will cleanse your body from the inside, improve digestive processes and gradually start weight loss. You should also notice the effect by starting to feel more energetic and light. Bloating, gas, constipation or any unpleasant feelings in your stomach can impact not only your physical but also your overall mental health and clarity.

Such simple but extremely annoying symptoms greatly influence our lives. The product rejuvenates your organism by flushing all the toxins, parasites and bacteria. If you’re interested, visit the official product page on

                               Summing The Colon Cleansing Up

So, guys. I hope that reading this article helped you to understand that cleansing your colon is a very easy but extremely important process that can greatly influence your health. If you still haven’t picked your colon cleansing method and are still undecided, my advice would be the following. Pick any of them and try it, because after all, your colon definitely needs to be cleaned, no matter how.

Fat Busting Pills. Fat Stripping Supplement That Helped Tom.

               Do Magical Fat Stripping Supplements Really Exist?

Fat stripping pills and supplements that are available in 2017. What are the best ones? We will definitely talk about it in a second, but first of all, let me explain to you why I wrote this article, list the main reasons why people gain weight and name some alternative ways of solving this problem.

There is no denial, that obesity or an excessive body weight is one of the biggest health problems of the 21st century. Millions of people worldwide are struggling to solve this problem every day, but unfortunately, not all of them succeed in doing it.

It’s no wonder, that people in developed countries are more inclined to gain extra weight and face this problem even more often. Millions of families every year are being affected by it.

My family is not an exception. No. I’m not overweight myself but I do have a family member who used to suffer from excessive weight for quite a long time. It’s my younger brother Tom. He’s 26 now.

fat stripping pills, fat stripping supplements, fat busting pills

He has neither time nor desire to write his full story himself (plus he’s simply shy). I’ve seen him going through all that unpleasant stuff from my very childhood and I do also know that this info may be very useful to you folks – people who are searching for an effective fat busting solution.

Seeing him suffer and then finally witnessing the positive change in his life gave me an idea to share this experience with you. And by the way, when I say positive change, I don’t mean that the methods that I’m going to describe further in this article will make you lose 50 pounds in a month because everyone understands that such stories are just a mere hype.

In my opinion, there are no magical tools or super effective fat stripping pills but there are means that can greatly facilitate your great desire to make a change in your life. A least, this is how it looked like in my brother’s case.

I will tell you about my brother a bit later in this article, but first of all, let’s list the main reasons why people start to gain an extra weight in the first place.

                        The Main Reasons Why People Gain Weight

Well, obviously, there are several of them. That’s why we can divide them into 3 main groups.

  • Reasons connected with the nutrition, the food we eat, our eating habits. For instance: too much fat and sugar in our food, irregular food intake, overeating, etc.
  • Reasons connected with the physical activity such as a sitting job, a lack of everyday exercise.
  • Reasons connected with our mental and emotional state. For example, stress, going through difficulties in life, depression. In such situations, the food, especially your favorite, can become some sort of a remedy from your bad mood.

fat stripping supplements, fat stripping pills,

As a rule, a combination of these reasons leads to obesity. Moreover, they clearly interact and reinforce each other. But nevertheless, a predominance of a single cause can be seen in every case.

After all, we should understand that a so-called positive energy balance, the prevalence of energy coming from food over the energy consumed, lies in the basis of a weight gain.

But it doesn’t mean that all people who suffer from obesity eat too much food because sometimes, it does also depend on a person’s individual features, like in my brother’s case.

                                    Possible Ways of Busting Fat

It’s obvious that most of the people don’t want to have an extra weight mainly because it doesn’t coincide with contemporary ideals and standards of beauty.

Another important thing which sometimes is being overlooked is the fact that an excessive weight and fat in different parts of our body can trigger many other, even more serious health problems.

fat stripping supplements, fat busting pills

Depending on the level of obesity, the time you want to spend on reducing weight, and some other personal factors and reasons, you can use different methods and techniques in order to start getting fit.

The most popular ways are:

  • Reviewing and adjusting your diet.
  • Starting your everyday exercises.
  • Drinking more liquid.
  • Normalizing your schedule.

But as you probably understand, these methods alone can’t guarantee you quick and big results.

Most people can’t burn all of their fat by just exercising. The biggest problem for many of them is belly fat in particular. By the way, it has been scientifically proven that not all the exercises are equally effective. For example, the common misconception is that running can help to lose weight.

Surprisingly, physical exercises are more appropriate for doing it. Furthermore, not all people have time to go to the gym. However, every manufacturer states that all fat stripping supplements do work better with exercises.

                               Introducing Natural Fat Stripping Pills

That’s why most people, sooner or later, become interested in choosing fat busting pills which best meet their personal needs and expectations. There are tens or even hundreds of different fat stripping pills on the market. Scientists are working year after year to improve them, make them more effective, to diminish the likelihood of potential side effects.

fat busting pills, fat stripping supplements

As much as we want to believe that all the fat stripping supplements are equally effective, the truth is that it’s not the case. All the manufacturers claim that their product is the best and guarantees the best result, but we do understand that it simply can’t be like this.

That’s why in the final part of this article, I will list and review the most popular, effective and best natural fat stripping pills which can be purchased in 2017.

                           My Brother’s Struggle With Weight Loss

My brother was slightly overweight from his early years. He’s just a kind of man who has some sort of a predisposition towards gaining weight, especially in his belly area. We were raised in one family, ate almost the same food but have completely different body builds. I know that his being plump greatly influenced his life.

He was very shy and unsociable at school. But at that time the situation was not so bad. He was chubby but not too fat. The situation aggravated when he reached his maturity. My parents and I thought that his sitting in front of the computer and not doing regular exercises could be the reason to that. That’s why he signed up for a gym and started jogging almost every day.

Almost 2 years passed since he started exercising and I can’t say that there was no effect at all. He did lose a couple of pounds but, obviously, it was not enough. After that, my mother started to be really concerned about the whole situation.

She didn’t want to leave it like that because she understood that it was a time for him to start dating a girl, and moreover, the fear of him developing some kind of a heart disease in the future urged her to take action as fast as possible.

fat busting pills, fat stripping supplements,

He was 22 back then, and at that time, it was even hard for him to breathe. I remember him panting when climbing up the hill or simply going up the stairs. I also remember my mom perusing hundreds of websites, consulting several doctors and borrowing tens of books from the library.

Finally, after conducting this massive research, she came to the conclusion that Tom needs a fat stripping supplement that contains a substance called “Coleus Forskohlii” or simply “Forskolin”.

            Discovering Forskolin-based Natural Fat Busting Pills

Forskolin is extracted from a mint family plant that grows in several Asian countries such as India and Thailand. It’s pretty astonishing that people in these countries have been using this plant in order to cure a number of different illnesses such as digestive disorders, heart and blood conditions and inflammations for already several hundreds of years.

But the latest discovered quality of Forskolin is that its high concentration can release fat from the fat cells or, in other words, burn it.

The doctor that my mom was talking to suggested her buying one of the Forskolin-based fat stripping tablets but also warned her that Tom must start taking them under his supervision in extremely low doses in order to avoid any potential side effects.

After reading all the reviews and testimonials once again, she finally chose one of the products which key ingredient was Forskolin. The next thing that pleasantly surprised her was that she received the first trial bottle for free by just covering a couple of dollar shipping fee.

fat stripping tablets, fat busting pills,

Fortunately, Tom didn’t experience any side effects after starting to take those Forskolin-based pills and after consulting the doctor once again, my mom decided to continue the treatment.

The doctor also warned us that although the supplement itself is pretty powerful, it may take up to several months in order for the first results to become visible.

The reason to that is a well-known fact that many drugs or pills have a property to accumulate in our body. That’s why most of them don’t work right away.

                           Were Natural Fat Stripping Pills Helpful?

This is exactly how it happened to my brother Tom. It took him almost 2 months before he noticed a positive tendency towards slimming down during his regular weight check at home. (We have a small analog weight machine).

I should also mention that, as far as I know, the dosages that he took were even lower than prescribed because my mom always worries about such stuff too much.

And one more important thing to notice: although he is a little bit lazy, he didn’t stop going to the gym and jogging around the neighborhood. I mean he didn’t do it every single day, but he tried to do it regularly.

So what was his final result? As I’ve said earlier in this article, my family and I still don’t believe in super effective fat stripping supplements. My brother has lost around 40 pounds in 5 months, and we don’t consider this result outstanding or striking. But even this change has made him feel a lot better.

No. I’m not saying that he’s slim right now because he is pretty well-fed but not fat anymore. Tom is not ashamed of his appearance anymore and is in a good shape. He decided to stop taking the pills himself. He said that he simply doesn’t feel a need to do it anymore.

fat stripper pills, fat stripping supplement

So, were the Forskolin-based fat busting pills which he took somehow helpful to him? Yes, definitely. Were these tablets the only reason why he recovered? No. Besides taking the medication, he has spent a lot of time and effort on exercises and was very persistent in achieving his goal.

                           Best Fat Stripping Pills Available In 2017

After reading the previous parts of my article, you are probably wondering what’s the name of those Forskolin-based natural fat stripping supplement that my brother has taken, and I totally understand it.

I don’t want to recommend a specific product here because I am sure that there are several fat busting pills and tablets on the market that are also worthy of your attention and really do work.

Check out other articles about natural health remedies & supplements

That’s why I will list several Forskolin-based fat stripper pills which are similar to those used by my brother and which do have positive customer reviews.

Some of them do also have trial period offers. It means that you can order and try them for free or by just covering the shipping cost. Tip: The supplement that my mom ordered for Tom will also be on the list. I think it will be fair 🙂

                                      Slim U – Forskolin Supplement

One of the most powerful weight loss supplements on the market. The key ingredient is Coleus Forskolin, which is seen from the name of the product. Besides possessing fat burning properties, slim U Forskolin has also been proven to strengthen the muscles and bones which were hidden under the layers of fat.

Like many other weight loss products, the manufacturer recommends using this supplement along with regular physical exercises and a healthy diet.

                                                     Pure Forskolin Extract

A similar product with almost identical properties. Boosts the metabolism, curbs appetite and stimulates communication between cells which starts the fat burning process.

Struggling to lose weight? Try Pure Forskolin Extract today!

                                                           Slim Trim 2000

These forskolin-based natural fat stripping pills will not only assist in weight loss but also build up lean muscles, increase the amount of energy you have throughout the day and stop fat from returning forever. The producers claim that your fat will simply melt away even without dieting and exercise.

                                     Phen375 – Pharmacy Grade Weight Loss

This supplement also contains forskolin alongside with other FDA approved natural ingredients, such as Citrus Aurantium, that increases metabolism and that’s why helps to burn fat cell even faster.

                                       Pure Natural Fucoxanthin – Fat Burner

Although this product does also contain Forskolin, the main ingredient of this supplement is Fucoxanthin – a brown pigment extracted from seaweeds. The second main ingredient is Hoodia Gordonii – a substance extracted from a cactus-like plant which grows in South Africa and possesses medicinal properties.

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So what’s the bottom line here guys? In the end, I want you to understand that everything that I’ve previously said in my article, once again confirms the fact that in my opinion, there are no shortcuts to success in any sphere of our life.

Weight loss is not an exception. I do understand though that sometimes it can be extremely tempting to believe in ridiculously quick results and easy ways to lose pounds but it’s simply not true.

There are no magical fat stripping supplements but there are means that can help you get rid of excess fat and achieve your other weight loss goals. Just be persistent, consistent and don’t give up.

And one more thing. Be cautious with taking any new medication and always stay in touch with your healthcare professional.